Work Experience Works!

Feedback from employers and students reinforces that work experience still plays an important role in a young persons life. Without this vital experience many will not have the right information at the right time to make an informed decision about their future career. 

"I really enjoyed my work experience because it was very interesting and I learnt lots of new skills. I mainly used IT and communication skills, which I used as an independent learner and also worked as a team. It also clarified what I want to do in the future. Overall it was a great two weeks" 
Student – Work Experience 2015

“We support and believe that work experience is paramount to the development of young people and it helps them make the most informed choices in relation to a future career” 
Employer in the Humber 2016

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Check out the new LMI resources developed in partnership with the Humber Data Observatory 

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- an overview of employment sectors in the Humber
- information on the skills and qualifications that are needed


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Careers & Enterprise Company 

Working with the Humber LEP the Humber EBP is pleased to announce that they will be supporting the Enterprise Advisor Network project in the Humber. 

The Humber EBP Enterprise Co-ordinator will work with Enterprise Advisers who are volunteers who will work directly with the leadership of individual schools and colleges. These volunteers, drawn from business and other employers, large and small, will help to develop effective employer engagement plans. 

To find out more about the project click here  or contact Kerrie Jaquest - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it